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Summative Assessment
End of Unit Tests

Test is a form of assessment that will show how well students understand, communicate and apply what they have learned. They can take the form of both closed and opened book and can include objective, essay and problem solving based questions.

Objective –based questions can take the form of simple recall, comprehension and application. The items can be in the form of completion task, short answer, matching and multiple choices.

Essay and problem-solving based questions should evaluate the students’ ability to select, organize and present facts using critical thinking ability.

Cumulative Assessment
Continuous Assessment, Portfolio (Self Assessment)

This involves the teacher’s daily observation and analysis of both how students learn and work and what they create for themselves and about their learning. The teacher constantly assesses process and product and those assessments inform instructional activities. Continuous Assessment can take some of the following forms

It can be in the form of worksheets with multiple choice questions, fill in the blank sentences, matching questions and drawing and labeling diagrams.

Classroom observations, both formal and informal, should be used to assess the students’ growth in knowledge of facts and project skills. The teacher should prepare checklists to record observations during classroom lessons.

Class participation in discussions, the teachers should prepare checklists to record observations during classroom discussions.

Project Work
Work that evaluates the students’ ability to organize, plan, develop and present a product either individually, in small and large groups. The majority of this work should be completed in class. The teacher should prepare forms to guide students in project work and checklists to record observations that check the learning of process during project lessons and assess final products and presentations.

Term grades are calculated in the following way:
80% Cumulative, 20 % Summative ( for Kindegarten)
70% Cumulative, 20% Summative, 10% Term Exam (Grade Level)

33% 1ST Term Grade, 33% 2nd Term Grade, 34% 3rd Term grade

1. Multiply subject grade by the corresponding number of subject periods.
2. Add the subject grades.
3. Divide total subject grades by total number of periods.

1. The student is promoted if he/she passes examinations and fulfills the criteria for promotion.
2. The passing mark is 60%.
3. A student whose attendance falls short of 80% will not be permitted to appear for the annual examination.
4. If a student receives a yearly grade below 60% in more than 3 subjects, he/she will not be promoted to the next grade level.

For academically challenged students, the school offers tutorial sessions with minimal fee (2 hours per month) after regular hours.

In case a student is absent in an examination due to:
1. Sickness (supported by a valid medical certificate)
2. Unforeseen circumstances (supported by avalid proof to this effect)
3. Late admission to the school
4. Late payment of fees
The student will be marked “absent” and he /she should take the special examination scheduled by the Principal.

If a student receives a yearly grade below 60% in any 3 subjects, he/she will not be promoted to the next grade level unless he/she takes the re-sit exams as scheduled before the beginning of the following school year. The student may pass on to the next grade level if he/she passes all failed subjects in a re-sit exam. If the students failed the re-sit exam, he/she is allowed to take another re-sit after taking the 30 hours of remediation in the subjects failed.

Student will not have a chance for a re-sit and have to repeat the current grade level if he/she fails in more than 3 subjects.

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