Al Fawz International School

About AlFawz International School

-Al Hail South, Muscat, Sultanate of OMAN


Al Fawz International  School recognizes that the first few years of life are so precious a time for children to grow and develop skills  and attributes that prepare them for the rest of their lives. Therefore, we provide a friendly, positive environment for all children  to experience play-based learning that is engaging, stimulating, challenging and spontaneous while having fun interacting with other children and our dedicated staff for an all round education and development of the students.

Al Fawz  International School is the brain child of the AMA Educational System (AMAES) the largest educational network in Asia because of her commitment to excellence and quality in education.

In the past 35 years, AMA Educational System (AMAES) has impacted so much on academic development and technological advancement  across  the globe.   AMAES has schools, colleges, learning centres, skills acquisition institutes and universities in seven countries and still spreading.


Al Fawz  International  School aims at providing  an education based on the foundation of Oman’s cultural inheritance, while looking beyond our immediate horizons  for further enlightenment. We hope to groom our students from cradle up to university. Here, the child is properly exposed and guided  to develop  mentally, socially, emotionally and otherwise to face the dynamics  and complexities of the future.

Al  Fawz International School nurtures and helps these young minds develop,  to become mature citizens with strong value on the importance of education for personal development and achievement to become leaders of the great nation of Oman in the nearest future and  to change  the world around them positively.


  •  Integration of robotics as early as kindergarten.
  • Computer-based learning.
  • Greater exploration in teaching and learning Maths and science subjects.
  • Qualified teachers from all over the world with excellent and proven teaching qualification.
  • Use of Oman National curriculum in teaching Arabic and Islamic subjects.
  • Use of English language as medium of instruction.
  • 15 – 20 students per class.
  • Cambridge (UK) primary curriculum.
  • Cambridge endorsed books.
  • Powered by 35 years of educational expertise of the AMA Education System in the Philippines and Bahrain with more than 200 institutions in the Philippines and 7 international branches.
  • Focus on the holistic development of learners.


  • Bus service with one (1) adult – attendant in each bus for pick up and drop off.
  • Local tailors for school uniform and sports uniform.

Al Fawz International School has opened its doors to all nationalities in the Sultanate of Oman. It caters to classes for KG1 to Grade6 for this coming school year 2016-2017.

The official language in the school is English, however, the medium of instruction to be used for Omani students taking up Arabic and Islamic subjects will be taught in Arabic while the rest of the subjects will be taught using the English language to improve language proficiency of the students. During the course of classes in the earlier mentioned subjects with the Omani locals, expat students will have to take Basic Arabic, French, and Ethics classes for them to keep up with the learning media.